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This time it’s something special: After several Ludum Dares, I finally have participated in a Global Game Jam. That’s something completely different – at least if Game Jams are something usually for you. For LD, I prepare my desk, invite friends, go shopping and do not interact with anyone for a weekend, where a GGJ forces you to meet with others at some place and stay there for the jam. So, I pack a bag in good-old lan party style and leave home for a weekend.
And it was such a good idea to do so! Without knowing most of the people I quickly made new friends and found a nice group of people to create a game with.
The topic was ‘what home means to you’. First, we had a hard time to find a nice idea, but then we came up with Couchsurfing. That’s sleeping at other peoples homes who are so nice to share their couches (or ground) with strangers. Instead of taking the original theme literally, we instead took Couchsurfing literally and created a game where you surf on a couch down the road to your new home. You are limited in time and can collect smartphones to send flimsy excuses of why you are coming late to your host for this night.
It sounds strange, it is strange, and definitely also fun!
We laughed so much this weekend and all had much fun.

Thanks Global Game Jam for this wonderful experience!
This was so fucking good (So-fa–King Good)



By Tobi

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