It’s Ludum Dare time again! Time to ask friends to meet for a weekend and develop a game together. This LD was the first one for Tim, a 2D artist I know, and also Nils joined for designing and balancing and we got some music from Partick, who already left Darmstadt but managed to join online for a few hours and did a nice background theme for our game.
This time you are no hero (Finally!) but the bad guy, a vampire just revived by a devil who wants you to cause chaos. Meanwhile, you can buy awesome tarot-like cards from him in exchange for your health.
It was a nice and successful game jam for all of us, and the game was much fun for the reviewers, too.

If you want to get hands-on experiences in being a vampire with different classes, random generated dungeons, boss fights, and some synergy, try Bloodcurse Recast now:


By Tobi

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