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I’ve joined the global game jam for the second time and – just as expected – it was a great event. This year’s topic ‘repair’ was announced Friday at 5 pm and from then on you had 48 hours finding a team, brainstorming your idea, designing the game and developing it. At my place, we were approximately 124 game enthusiasts and the second-largest GGJ jam site. This time, I found myself in a group of four coders and three artists with a very mixed level of experience. Diverse groups are challenging since you need to teach others while doing your job but at the same time you force yourself to organize better and produce more quality content.
Also managing your code repository having four coders working on a small project at the same time is super mandatory. I have done jams alone or with up to two other coders, but a group of four people needs organization to constantly getting stuff done and not running into merge conflicts all over. But it worked out and I am super happy with the team I had.
We came up with a game called Aoris Spaceship Repair Shop where you repair broken space ships of different factions. Every connection to a known IP we do not own is of course only possible by chance…

Enjoy the game, it is worth some minutes playing 🙂

By Tobi

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