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Tobias Joppen

Game Development and Artificial Intelligence
Hi, I'm Tobi aka Muffty from Germany. I'm currently doing my PhD in Artificial Intelligence and also work as an indie game developer. I'm living in Darmstadt, a nice city next to Frankfurt am Main in Germany. If you enjoy this page or have any questions, feel free to contact me at mail@[thisdomain]. Cheers and Have Fun, Tobi


Here you can find some games, publications, events or other stuff of mine

GGJ’20: Aoris Space Ship Repair Shop

Hi πŸ™‚ I’ve joined the global game jam for the second time and – just as expected – it was a great event. This year’s topic ‘repair’ was announced Friday at 5 pm and from then on you had 48 hours finding a team, brainstorming your idea, designing the game and developing it. At my […]

Running a Game Dev Meetup

Hey there, have you ever wondered whether there are any local game devs around your local town? Especially smaller indie teams are nearly invisible and hard to find. In early 2018 I’ve tried exactly that, and the result was underwhelming: The only thing I have found was a Meetup page of people trying to find […]

Day of Goyo

Wow, that was a good one.I have done some game jams in the past and this one was somehow special. Last weekend I have joined the Game Jam! Rhein-Main 2019Β in a cozy coworking space in Mainz. It was very similar to the Global Game Jam but in summer. I didn’t think so at first, but […]

LD 44: Bloodcurse Recast

Hi, It’s Ludum Dare time again! Time to ask friends to meet for a weekend and develop a game together. This LD was the first one for Tim, a 2D artist I know, and also Nils joined for designing and balancing and we got some music from Partick, who already left Darmstadt but managed to […]

7LDR: Rogue 2048

Welcome! There is another game jam entry of mine for yet another jam I have never participated at: 7DRL, the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge where you can pick seven days to create a roguelike. I did team up with Martin who found me on a Discord game dev server and we tried our best with […]

GGJ: Sofa King Good

Hi and welcome! This time it’s something special: After several Ludum Dares, I finally have participated in a Global Game Jam. That’s something completely different – at least if Game Jams are something usually for you. For LD, I prepare my desk, invite friends, go shopping and do not interact with anyone for a weekend, […]

LD 43: One For Another

Hi there, Sacrifices must be made! That’s a fact – at least for everyone playing Ludum Dare 43 games since that’s the theme of the jam this time. It’s not the first game jam for me, but still this time its something special: No friend of mine had sufficient time to join me this weekend. […]

Epic Space

Welcome πŸ™‚ Today I want to introduce Epic Space, a mobile two-button lander. Originally, this project started as a demo project of mine to show friends of mine how to create games with unity. I’m super happy that this demo project did well and developed into a real game that actually is fun to play! […]


Hey there, This is TapTrixx, my one and only Android puzzle game πŸ™‚ I’ve originally developed the idea with a friend back then in the first semesters of my computer science studies. Sadly, lectures made us never really publish the game. A few years later I took some time and reimplemented it from scratch with […]

LD 40: A Hero’s Burden

Hey hey πŸ˜€ Once again, I have a nice game jam entry of mine for you: A Hero’s Burden made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 40. The theme was ‘The more you have, the worse it is’ and this time we finally did not take the theme by hard. Instead of having resources or […]

LD 38: Expand and Exploit

Hey hey πŸ™‚ Expand and Exploit is the third game I’ve done in a game jam. Together with Chris, a good friend of mine, I took a weekend to build this game. The game is about conquering the sky with all its planet. There are three serious problems one has to care about: – There […]

LD 37: Game Jam Simulator

Hi, once more its time for a Game Jam! It’s Ludum Dare 37 and the theme was ‘One Room’. Chris and I quite committed to create a game about managing your own game company. It’s about finding new talented staff, motivate them, start and sell the right product suited for your team and manage your […]

LD 35: Project D.A.S.H.

My second try on a game jam. The theme is Shapeshift and we maybe took it a bit too literally: You control a little character that can morph into three different shapes: The green, the pink and the blue. Based on a bullet hell and rock-paper-scissors, the game is an interesting hybrid. There are so […]

LD 34: Ogre SMASH!

Hi everyone and welcome to ogre smash.This little cute game has been created within 72 hours by me and some friends of mine that are absolutely not related to game development. The weekend we spend together was amazing and the game is fun.Give it a try if you want to see absurd cuteness and a […]

Tristoy on Steam

Hi everyone! I’m proud to tell that TRISTOY has been published on Steam. It’s a two-player coop game where you and a friend have to escape a mystic prison on an island. Set in a modern fantasy setting, TRISTOY has action-based combat, nice puzzles, branched dialogs and replayability. As originally implemented as a local multiplayer […]