LD 44: Bloodcurse Recast


It’s Ludum Dare time again! Time to ask friends to meet for a weekend and develop a game together. This LD was the first one for Tim, a 2D artist I know, and also Nils joined for designing and balancing and we got some music from Partick, who already left Darmstadt but managed to join online for a few hours and did a nice background theme for our game.
This time you are no hero (Finally!) but the bad guy, a vampire just revived by a devil who wants you to cause chaos. Meanwhile, you can buy awesome tarot-like cards from him in exchange for your health.
It was a nice and successful game jam for all of us, and the game was much fun for the reviewers, too.

If you want to get hands-on experiences in being a vampire with different classes, random generated dungeons, boss fights, and some synergy, try Bloodcurse Recast now:


7LDR: Rogue 2048


There is another game jam entry of mine for yet another jam I have never participated at: 7DRL, the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge where you can pick seven days to create a roguelike.
I did team up with Martin who found me on a Discord game dev server and we tried our best with the very limited time we had in those seven days.
I do like our idea of mixing the well-known movement of the Android game 2048 with a dungeon crawler. It was quite innovative I guess, but we did not find time to really polish it.
It’s by far not my best product, but here it is: Rogue 2048:


LD 37: Game Jam Simulator


once more its time for a Game Jam! It’s Ludum Dare 37 and the theme was ‘One Room’.
Chris and I quite committed to create a game about managing your own game company. It’s about finding new talented staff, motivate them, start and sell the right product suited for your team and manage your income.

Have fun playing the ‘Game Jam Simulator’:


GGJ: Sofa King Good

Hi and welcome!

This time it’s something special: After several Ludum Dares, I finally have participated in a Global Game Jam. That’s something completely different – at least if Game Jams are something usually for you. For LD, I prepare my desk, invite friends, go shopping and do not interact with anyone for a weekend, where a GGJ forces you to meet with others at some place and stay there for the jam. So, I pack a bag in good-old lan party style and leave home for a weekend.
And it was such a good idea to do so! Without knowing most of the people I quickly made new friends and found a nice group of people to create a game with.
The topic was ‘what home means to you’. First, we had a hard time to find a nice idea, but then we came up with Couchsurfing. That’s sleeping at other peoples homes who are so nice to share their couches (or ground) with strangers. Instead of taking the original theme literally, we instead took Couchsurfing literally and created a game where you surf on a couch down the road to your new home. You are limited in time and can collect smartphones to send flimsy excuses of why you are coming late to your host for this night.
It sounds strange, it is strange, and definitely also fun!
We laughed so much this weekend and all had much fun.

Thanks Global Game Jam for this wonderful experience!
This was so fucking good (Sofa King Good)


LD 43: One For Another

Hi there,

Sacrifices must be made! That’s a fact – at least for everyone playing Ludum Dare 43 games since that’s the theme of the jam this time.
It’s not the first game jam for me, but still this time its something special: No friend of mine had sufficient time to join me this weekend. So, I took three strangers from the internet as substitutions of friends for this weekend.
In fact, that was much fun! It was much fun to create a game with Trollface, a permanently name-changing US-American who did game design, 2D art, balancing and jokes and Jeikobu, our 3D low poly artist from Greece.
The good thing was: I had no one looking at my code, so I could hack every part that I did not want to put much effort into. The bad thing was: I had a lot to do. Why? Well, here comes the game:
You control a group of heroes (Why again heroes?): The fighter, the barbarian, the mage, the rogue, the bard and the ranger. It’s a classical D&D like party.
The game is grid and turn-based fantasy fighter, where you have to find good positioning and tactics to trade off health, action points and permanent buffs to be able to survive the goblins and orcs to reach the last stage: The final boss: a big bad demon.
There is a lot to implement and make and do. But it worked out very well I would say. Even the UI is responsive and finally intuitive (I would say – at least in comparison with all the other UI’s I’ve made in LDs before).

The one thing that I am really proud of is the music in the game, which I created in 40 minutes at Sunday morning. Taking some music instruments and my common mic I recorded multiple tracks, put them on top of each other using audacity (where I was not proficient with) and it worked! Wow – I even created the voice of the little fairy – the quest giver and tutorial help by sliding very high tones on the guitar. It sounds really nice!

Take some time and test: One for Another, a tactical combat game.


LD 40: A Hero’s Burden

Hey hey πŸ˜€

Once again, I have a nice game jam entry of mine for you:
A Hero’s Burden made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 40. The theme was ‘The more you have, the worse it is’ and this time we finally did not take the theme by hard.
Instead of having resources or anything gameplay related, we instead created a story implementing the theme:

Once again, you are a hero. Heroes fight for their lives and for the lives of others, but once for a while, you have to take hard choices: Save the princess or save your companions? Try to save the children if the bad guy can escape because of that?
Thanks to Patrick, a sound composer and friend of mine, joining the event, we managed to create a storytelling game with everything needed in there. We have dialogs with voiceover, cutscenes, a deep dark setting with multiple soundtracks and endings.
This game jam was by far the most successful for me until now. I’m really proud of what Patrick, Nils and I managed to come up with this weekend.

If you have some time, go and play ‘A Hero’s Burden’. Have fun!


Epic Space

Welcome πŸ™‚

Today I want to introduce Epic Space, a mobile two-button lander.
Originally, this project started as a demo project of mine to show friends of mine how to create games with unity.
I’m super happy that this demo project did well and developed into a real game that actually is fun to play!

For those of you unfamiliar with ‘landers’, the concept of the game is navigating a spaceship and landing it at a target platform without crashing.
The game is set in a nice 2D sidescrolling world heavily supported by the awesome assets by Kenney (see Kenne.nl/asstes).

The mobile

Tristoy on Steam

Hi everyone!

I’m proud to tell that TRISTOY has been published on Steam. It’s a two-player coop game where you and a friend have to escape a mystic prison on an island.
Set in a modern fantasy setting, TRISTOY has action-based combat, nice puzzles, branched dialogs and replayability.

As originally implemented as a local multiplayer game, our publisher wanted us to add online multiplayer, too. This was by far the biggest part for me in this project.

I’m really happy with the project and glad that I had chances to put hands on a game project of that size πŸ™‚

LD 38: Expand and Exploit

Hey hey πŸ™‚

Expand and Exploit is the third game I’ve done in a game jam.
Together with Chris, a good friend of mine, I took a weekend to build this game.
The game is about conquering the sky with all its planet. There are three serious problems one has to care about:
– There is a big Kraken in space you need to fight. It is – as well as you – continually conquering new planets and creating a bigger fleet. You need to fight him using your own military.
– For your military, you have to gather resources from the planets you control. Sadly, you do not really care about the planet and thus you gather every resource you can find. This results in collapsing planets and forces you to expand to new planets and eventually fight the Kraken.
– Lastly, your population needs water to survive, so you need to manage this resource or lose the game.

It was fun coming up with the idea and having planets shrink and explode with all buildings you put on it.
I’m proud of the smooth UI, but it lacks some intuition.

The game is fun, but creating it probably was more fun.
Sadly, we did not find time to play enough games at the Ludum Dare event and hence, we did not get rated. But I would not have expected a too good rating, especially because of the lack of intuitive control.



Hey there,

This is TapTrixx, my one and only Android puzzle game πŸ™‚
I’ve originally developed the idea with a friend back then in the first semesters of my computer science studies. Sadly, lectures made us never really publish the game.

A few years later I took some time and reimplemented it from scratch with my new favorite engine: Unity.
After much more time than I initially thought, I managed to publish a ‘good enough’ version of it on the Android Play Store.
TapTrixx has a nice mechanic using touch to delete a linear neighborhood of equally tinted stones in a grid-based board. There is Tetris-like gravity and using rotation (swipes), one can manipulate the board to remove as many stones in one touch as possible (what maximizes the score).

TapTrixx is definitely fun. But I miss a vision for continuing the project. Currently, it was removed from the Play Store, but I aim for putting it online again.