Wow, that was a good one.
I have done some game jams in the past and this one was somehow special. Last weekend I have joined the Game Jam! Rhein-Main 2019 in a cozy coworking space in Mainz. It was very similar to the Global Game Jam but in summer. I didn’t think so at first, but this makes a big difference to me. Brainstorming your game while enjoying a cold drink in the sun and watching the river rhine flow by is amazing.
After the first brainstorming and pitching phase, I have found myself in a team of five motivated people trying to ignore the wise comment of a Ubisoft BlueByte mentor telling us not to create a city building game with production chains.

May I introduce you to the Day of Goyo, a city building game with production chains where you build your asian city to applease you local water god Goyo. You do so by identifying your gods wishes and shift your production chain to have the correct offering prepared  at the summer solstice feast.

The game is quite polished for a 48h game and we also won the first place, wohoo!
If you want to test it, you can download it right here. I want to point out that you can change the game speed and pacing in the main menu and I personally like the speed-up version more (but I know the game – haha)


By Tobi

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