Hey there,
have you ever wondered whether there are any local game devs around your local town? Especially smaller indie teams are nearly invisible and hard to find.
In early 2018 I’ve tried exactly that, and the result was underwhelming: The only thing I have found was a Meetup page of people trying to find a team to start an indie studio. ‘Why not’ I said to myself and joined the group. Without ever seeing or really communicating with anyone, the group got disbanded within a few weeks and I got an mail telling me that Meetup will delete the group within 24 hours since the owner has left the platform.
So I took the opportunity and offered myself as the new owner. At least there are 30 or so people in the group from around interested in game development. So I’ve changed the name, topic and description of the group.
Meanwhile, the ‘Game Dev Darmstadt’ Meetup page has about 200 members with regular monthly meetings. Sure – the core exists of around 4 members that regularly show up, but it has turned into a nice evening talking about our hobby or job.
If you ever are close to Darmstadt, come around and join us for a glass of beer or anything you like 🙂


By Tobi

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