Hey there,

This is TapTrixx, my one and only Android puzzle game 🙂
I’ve originally developed the idea with a friend back then in the first semesters of my computer science studies. Sadly, lectures made us never really publish the game.

A few years later I took some time and reimplemented it from scratch with my new favorite engine: Unity.
After much more time than I initially thought, I managed to publish a ‘good enough’ version of it on the Android Play Store.
TapTrixx has a nice mechanic using touch to delete a linear neighborhood of equally tinted stones in a grid-based board. There is Tetris-like gravity and using rotation (swipes), one can manipulate the board to remove as many stones in one touch as possible (what maximizes the score).

TapTrixx is definitely fun. But I miss a vision for continuing the project. Currently, it was removed from the Play Store, but I aim for putting it online again.

By Tobi

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