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Once again, I have a nice game jam entry of mine for you:
A Hero’s Burden made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 40. The theme was ‘The more you have, the worse it is’ and this time we finally did not take the theme by hard.
Instead of having resources or anything gameplay related, we instead created a story implementing the theme:

Once again, you are a hero. Heroes fight for their lives and for the lives of others, but once for a while, you have to take hard choices: Save the princess or save your companions? Try to save the children if the bad guy can escape because of that?
Thanks to Patrick, a sound composer and friend of mine, joining the event, we managed to create a storytelling game with everything needed in there. We have dialogs with voiceover, cutscenes, a deep dark setting with multiple soundtracks and endings.
This game jam was by far the most successful for me until now. I’m really proud of what Patrick, Nils and I managed to come up with this weekend.

If you have some time, go and play A Hero’s Burden. Have fun!

By Tobi

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