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Expand and Exploit is the third game I’ve done in a game jam.
Together with Chris, a good friend of mine, I took a weekend to build this game.
The game is about conquering the sky with all its planet. There are three serious problems one has to care about:
– There is a big Kraken in space you need to fight. It is – as well as you – continually conquering new planets and creating a bigger fleet. You need to fight him using your own military.
– For your military, you have to gather resources from the planets you control. Sadly, you do not really care about the planet and thus you gather every resource you can find. This results in collapsing planets and forces you to expand to new planets and eventually fight the Kraken.
– Lastly, your population needs water to survive, so you need to manage this resource or lose the game.

It was fun coming up with the idea and having planets shrink and explode with all buildings you put on it.
I’m proud of the smooth UI, but it lacks some intuition.

The game is fun, but creating it probably was more fun.
Sadly, we did not find time to play enough games at the Ludum Dare event and hence, we did not get rated. But I would not have expected a too good rating, especially because of the lack of intuitive control.


By Tobi

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